Secretts’ and the Pharmacist’s Donations

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Last Thursday Jacquie talked to Julie at Milford Hospital and asked what League of Friends (LofF) could do. She was told their hands were in a dreadful state due to constant washing and use of sanitiser so she asked me to go and buy some hand cream for them and also some fruit.

We went to Milford pharmacy for the hand cream and bough a variety of small, medium and pump dispensed hand creams and lotions. The pharmacist also donated some for the hospital. She is doing a great job serving Milford residents.

We the went to Secretts and bought 3 boxes of fruit. Jacquie had been in contact with the Secretts’ manager who said they would donate some fruit the following day so we went again and there were 3 very large hampers of fruit and also treats of chocolate and snacks.

This is the photo we took as we delivered them to the wards.

We also posted thanks on the Godalming Facebook pages and received comments of thanks form the Milford staff.

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