Save Milford X-Ray

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Please sign our online petition to keep the X-Ray facility at Milford Hospital.

The original proposal to close the unit at the end of March and provide new facilities at Cranleigh has been put on hold following our protest. We are asking for a full public consultation as we do not agree with the stated reasons for the closure. This is a popular unit and serves a very wide area. The Cranleigh unit should be in addition to Milford’s, not in place of it. A meeting has been arranged between the League and the RSCH Trust to discuss the proposal. Thanks to everyone who is supporting our petition: please tell your friends to sign too.

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  1. Mrs M Maynard

    We need this facility to take the pressure off of the very busy Royal Surrey, so much quicker to get an X-ray and much easier parking facilities.

  2. Susan Lewis

    As we live in Godalming we always use Milford X-Ray unit except if it is part of the fracture clinic at RSCH.

    Milford is a pleasure to visit with the receptionist being courteous and polite and the Radiologists totally professional.
    Milford hospital has very pleasant surroundings and cheerful staff. Parking is easy and if on a rare occasion the official car park is full there is additional space in a layby on Tuesday Lane.
    Compare that experience with a visit to the Royal Surrey where the Staff are excellent but parking is expensive and access a challenge.

  3. Antoinette Scott

    I have just come home from having an x-ray at this lovely hospital and I was very happy with the attention and service from the staff. I went in on time which you don’t get very often in other hospitals. To close this facility would, in my opinion, be a crime!!

    I wish you luck in your quest to keep this open. PLEASE!!

  4. Juliet Keeble

    This is a much needed service to our local area. It takes pressure off a very busy Royal Surrey and a lot of stress off our older community who benefit from a quicker service.

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