Reprieve for Milford X-Ray!

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Our campaign to save Milford X-Ray and the evidence we submitted along with 3,500 supportive signatures has paid off. Following their own review, the RSCH Trust has decided that an X-ray service is an essential part of the hospital’s diagnostic capability. Current and future plans to expand the number of teams and functions based at Milford will require at least the existing service to be maintained. There is the possibility of a future extension of opening hours and other imaging diagnostic provision.

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  1. Margaret Pilkington

    How wonderful and congratulations for keeping Milford Hospital on the map.
    Earlier this year I came to the hospital for a full check up and one of the outcomes was to see the Physiotherapist but unfortunately on the day there was no Physio available but a home visit was arranged and Mo came , he diagnosed the pain was coming from my legs. He left me exercises to do and he returned in two weeks and pronounced me ok About six weeks ago I twisted my right knee, went to our surgery where I was referred to RHS who offered me an appointment in December. I don’t want to go there, it is so much more convenient and it would be great if I could see Mo again please either at home or at Milford. My husband is having to do almost everything for me.

  2. Paul Andrews

    Excellent news, I was concerned about the X-ray department closing, I was wondering what the outcome was but I’ve been too busy to look it up, while I was in the waiting room when the petition was gathering signatures, I was speaking to other patients there that could not get to Guildford (Royal Surrey) they where wondering what they would have done if Milford wasn’t open.
    it also occurred to me that surely the patients at Milford Hospital must also need this service from time to time and it must use a lot of resources needed elsewhere to transport them to Guildford.
    Anyway, I’m very pleased.

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