On the 1st December 2020 the well-known and respected Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (DATC)  changed its name to Milford Integrated Care Hub (MIC Hub). This is to reflect the changes that the Hub is undergoing in relation to integrated frailty work, wider community links, service development and following patient feedback. Details of the new criteria are awaited. For now, it continues to take referrals for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments, Geriatrician input, requesting and following up diagnostics and if required onward referral to wider community services and specialists for patients registered in Guildford and Waverley that have a clinical frailty score of 4-7. Specialist nurse-led clinics (MS, Parkinson’s) and the podiatry clinic will continue to operate from the Hub

Referrals will continue via the Community Coordination Centre    rsch.gw.ccc@nhs.net  using the generic Adult Community Health Services form. The new phone number for the MIC Hub is 01483 956428 and the direct email for correspondence of patients under care of the Hub will be   rsch.gw.MilfordICH@nhs.net .

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