(Tuesley Lane, Godalming, Surrey, England.)

Originally opened in 1928 as a TB sanatorium, Milford Hospital has been transformed over the years into a chest hospital, a hospital for the elderly, a smaller rehabilitation unit and then a multi-function community hospital.  In 2014, two of its patients from its time as a TB hospital were commemorated by a plaque installed by the Comedy Society of Great Britain:  Ray Galton and Alan Simpson started their comedy writing career whilst patients at Milford and went on to write such classics as Hancock’s Half Hour and Steptoe and Son.

Milford Hospital has now had another chapter added with the establishment during 2020 of  acute frailty services using the community bed base at Milford. The new service offers a significant increase in the scope and complexity of care on site. The full spectrum of complex needs, including the frail who have suffered fractures and trauma,  rehabilitation and  comprehensive geriatric assessments are managed by an enlarged multidisciplinary team. The Trust has the ambition to make Milford Hospital a national leader in frailty care.  Integral to these plans will be an increase in diagnostic imaging, with the upgrading of the X-Ray machine and the provision of MRI and CT scans proposed.

Significant investment has been provided for community services. This should enable the provision of same day emergency services, closer working with other important mental health and social care services on site and radically increasing proactive care assessments for those at risk. The hospital can now deliver the full spectrum of acute care alongside the specialist multidisciplinary care and rehabilitation that frail patients need to stay independent. The Trust wants to work closely with the local community, primary care colleagues and partners to develop its vision over coming months. The League of Friends would welcome such an association which will be easier once volunteers are able to go back into the wards.

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