VISITING HOURS NORMALLY: 2.30-4.30 pm AND 6.30-8.30 pm every day. (For more infomation : CONTACT US )

COVID-19 UPDATE: During the current crisis and lockdown, Milford Hospital is being used as a Covid hospital with 32 patients. Rehabilitation patients who would normally be at Milford are being transferred to Haslemere Hospital. The Milford Hub (old DATC) is closed. No visitors are allowed. The LoF are in touch with the staff, providing support.

The information on the following pages refers to the normal operation of the hospital.


We want to thank Sainsburys for their generous donation. They have given a £350 voucher to spend on the Hospital



Sep 21

Concert and Donations

The concert was on Saturday 4th September at Holy Trinity Church, Bramley, in support of the League of Friends of...
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Mar 21

Farmers’ market 18th September

Update to the last market day - All the Cakes, Biscuits etc were sold giving a balance to the League...
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